Why Don’t the Amish Use Technology?

The Amish live a simple life without the use of modern technology. Here are some of the reasons why they choose to live this way.

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The Amish community in North America is perhaps best known for its eschewal of modern technology. To the outside observer, it may seem that the Amish live in a time warp, untouched by the conveniences and hazards of the modern world. Why do the Amish choose to forgo technology?

There are actually a number of reasons why the Amish avoid technology. One is their belief that technology can lead to ” Proud” behavior, which is contrary to the Amish values of humility and dependence on God. The Amish also believe that technology can lead to people becoming too “Wrapped up in themselves” and losing sight of what’s important in life.

Another reason why the Amish don’t use technology is because they believe that it can lead to a loss of community and connection with others. The Amish value face-to-face interactions and believe that technology can lead to people becoming too isolated from one another.

Finally, the Amish believe that technology is simply unnecessary. They prefer to live simple lives and focus on what’s important to them, rather than on gadgets and gadgets alone.

So there you have it! These are just a few of the reasons why the Amish choose not to use technology.

What is the Amish lifestyle?

The Amish lifestyle is characterized by simple living, plain dress, and a commitment to community. The Amish reject many of the modern conveniences that we take for granted, such as electricity, cars, and phones. Instead, they rely on horse-drawn buggies and manual labor to get around and do business. While the Amish way of life may seem old-fashioned to us, it works well for them and helps to foster a close-knit community.

Why don’t the Amish use technology?

The Amish are a culturally unique Anabaptist sect of Christianity with roots in sixteenth century Switzerland. One of the key elements of Amish society is their rejection of many modern technological advancements. While the reasons for this rejection are varied, they can be broadly divided into two categories: practical and theological.

On a practical level, the Amish believe that technology leads to greater social and physical isolation. Their way of life is based on close-knit community interaction, and they fear that technology will lead to people spending more time alone. They also worry that technology will make it easier for people to move away from traditional Amish values.

Theologically, the Amish believe that technology is a tool that can be misused. They think that it gives people too much power and can lead to them forgetting their dependence on God. They also believe that technology leads to vanity and pride, which are sinful emotions.

The Amish have been able to maintain their way of life in part because they live in close-knit communities where they can easily enforce their beliefs. However, as the world becomes more connected, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to hold onto their traditional values.

What technology do the Amish use?

The Amish religion is based on a strict interpretation of the Bible, which leads to the Amish belief that technology can be a temptation to sin. This means that the Amish reject many modern conveniences, such as electricity, automobiles, and computers.

The Amish do not believe in using violence, so they will not participate in activities such as military service. They also believe that working for the government could tempt them to compromise their religious beliefs.

Some Amish communities do use certain types of technology, such as telephones and generators. However, they use these technologies in a way that does not require them to interact with the outside world. For example, telephones are typically only used within the Amish community, and generators are usually only used to power lights and appliances during power outages.

How do the Amish live without technology?

The Amish live a simple lifestyle that is based on the teachings of the Bible. They believe that technology will lead to temptation and sin, so they avoid using it as much as possible. The Amish use horses and buggies for transportation, and they grow their own food. They also make their own clothes and furniture.

What are the benefits of the Amish lifestyle?

There are a number of benefits to the Amish lifestyle, including a close-knit community, a simple way of life, and a focus on family. One of the most appealing aspects of the Amish lifestyle is the focus on living in harmony with nature. The Amish believe that technology should be used sparingly, as it can lead to greed and individualism. This slower pace of life allows the Amish to enjoy the simple things in life and appreciate nature.

Are there any drawbacks to the Amish lifestyle?

The Amish way of life is based on simple living, self-sufficiency, and a commitment to family and community. Technology is seen as a threat to these values, and so the Amish avoid its use.

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, technology is seen as a disruption to the simple way of life that the Amish value. It is also felt that technology can lead to materialism and a focus on worldly things, rather than spirituality and community. Additionally, the use of technology can lead to isolation and loneliness, as people become more focused on screens and machines than on human interaction. Finally, the Amish believe that technology is a potential source of temptation and sin, as it can provide access to things like pornography and gambling.

While there are some drawbacks to the Amish lifestyle, it should be noted that the Amish do use some forms of technology, such as horses and buggies instead of cars, and manual farm equipment instead of tractors. They also use electricity, but only in limited ways (e.g., for lighting but not for powering appliances). Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to use technology is a personal one for each Amish individual or community.


The Amish view on technology is not standalone; it is part of a much larger world view that includes a focus on community, simple living, and separation from the modern world. For the Amish, using technology can be a way of breaking away from these values. It can also be seen as a tool that could potentially be used to undermine their way of life. As such, the Amish have chosen to largely avoid modern technology in favor of practices that they see as more consistent with their values.


The Amish are a community of people who live apart from the rest of society. They have their own culture and way of life, which includes abstaining from the use of modern technology.

There are many reasons why the Amish avoid technology. One reason is that they believe it can lead to vanity and pride. Technology is also seen as a way to isolate people from each other and make them less dependent on community. Additionally, the Amish believe that too much dependence on technology can lead to a loss of traditional skills and knowledge.

Further Reading

The Amish have been fascinating the world with their simple way of life for centuries now. People are constantly asking questions about their strange customs, one of the most popular being why they don’t use technology.

There are a few reasons for this. The Amish believe that technology will lead to sin and temptation, as it has for the outside world. They also believe that it will break down the community and make them more individualistic, instead of working together as a group.

The Amish also don’t want to get too comfortable with the outside world. They want to stay separate from it, so they can focus on their own community and way of life. By not using technology, they stay disconnected from the modern world and can stick to their old-fashioned values.

Some people argue that the Amish are actually very technologically savvy, just in different ways. They are expert farmers and use horses and buggies instead of cars. They also know how to make things by hand, like furniture and clothes. So while they may not use computers or phones, they still know how to work with technology in their own way.

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