What Is Plasmawave Technology in Air Purifiers?

Similarly, Is PlasmaWave technology bad for you?

In conclusion, Winix’ PlasmaWave® technology provides a secure and highly efficient way to eliminate common airborne pollutants including germs, viruses, odors, and VOCs (chemical vapours and harmful gases).

Also, it is asked, Are plasma air purifiers safe?

Plasma Air is very successful in removing pollutants like particle matter, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, smells, and VOCs from the air while being safe, low maintenance, simple to install, and energy efficient.

Secondly, Can you turn off PlasmaWave?

Press and hold the + buttons on the PlasmaWave® button for three seconds. When the device is turned on, press the Plasmawave® button to turn this function on or off.

Also, Do plasma air purifiers produce ozone?

Air purifiers that exclusively employ high-efficiency particle air filters (HEPA filters) to purify the air don’t emit any ozone. Because of their electric charge, ionizing air purifiers do produce ozone. Consumer Reports has issued a warning about the possible damage that high ozone levels might cause.

People also ask, Does PlasmaWave emit ozone?

By creating positive and negative ions via a natural filtering process, WINIX PlasmaWave® Technology securely separates dangerous impurities (at the molecular level) without creating damaging ozone.

Related Questions and Answers

Can air purifiers get rid of Covid?

When correctly utilized, air purifiers may aid in reducing airborne pollutants, such as viruses, in a house or other enclosed place. A portable air cleaner, however, is insufficient to shield individuals from COVID-19 on its own.

Is PlasmaWave safe for pets?

Pet dander, dust, pollen, smoke, mold spores, VOCs, and other home aromas are all captured and eliminated by the Pet Air Cleaner with PlasmaWave Technology. Its three-stage air cleaning technology includes a changeable True HEPA filter that can catch up to 99.97% of small particles and a washable carbon filter for odor control.

Is it safe to breathe ionized air?

Negative ions are already present in our surroundings naturally from sources like sunlight, illumination, and waterfalls, making their inhalation or exposure to people quite harmless. The danger to human health, however, comes from the ionic air cleaners’ creation of ozone.

Should I sleep with air purifier on?

The quick response is yes. For improved breathing while you sleep, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) suggests using an air purifier before bed.

Why is my Winix air purifier red?

The Winix air quality indicator’s red hue indicates that there was significant air pollution identified by the sensor. It’s all OK; simply let the air purifier run for a while at high speed to clean the air. The air quality indicator will then go from red to either Amber or Blue.

How long do Winix air purifiers last?

While some of its rivals utilize filters that do not last as long, it employs HEPA and activated carbon filters that both last for 12 months. Its fine mesh and carbon pre-filters may both be washed.

Is plasma the same as ozone?

During the formation of the plasma, oxygen molecules are broken up into single oxygen atoms, which join again with O2 to generate ozone (O3). Utilizing oxygen as the input supply, cold plasma ozone generators create ozone with a concentration of around 5-7 percent.

How can you tell if you are being affected by ozone?

Those who are exposed to high ozone concentrations may have a number of symptoms. The sense of discomfort in the eyes, nose, and throat is the most typical symptom. Shortness of breath, chest discomfort, and wheezing are additional respiratory or cardiovascular symptoms that some individuals may encounter.

Which is better ionizer or air purifier?

Ionizers just make particles heavy enough to fall to the ground rather than capturing them, which means that they still need to be cleaned up and may easily be disturbed and reintroduced into the air. Air purifiers remove particles from circulation by trapping them.

Which air purifier does not produce ozone?

the HEPA filter

Where is winix from?

Korea, South

Do HEPA filters stop coronavirus?

Airborne contaminants in indoor air, such as viruses, may be reduced through the use of portable air cleaners and HVAC filters. Portable air purifiers and HVAC filters are insufficient on their own to shield users against the COVID-19 virus.

Can air purifiers make you sick?

Specific side effects might include a higher risk of respiratory infections, as well as throat discomfort, coughing, chest pain, and shortness of breath. Ion generators, often known as ionizers, are sometimes included into ozone air purifiers. Ionizers may be purchased separately as well.

Does HEPA 13 filter Covid?

So certainly, coronavirus-containing particles may be captured by HEPA filters. When breathing, coughing, and talking, people release droplets of respiratory fluid, saliva, and maybe viruses into the air.

Should I get an air purifier if I have a pet?

Purchasing an air purifier could make it simpler for you to breathe if you suffer from respiratory problems and sneezing due to pet allergies. These gadgets are designed to remove tiny airborne allergens and particles, therefore enhancing the quality of the air.

Is ionized air harmful to dogs?

All ionizing purifiers also produce ozone as a byproduct, and ozone may be dangerous. While ionizing purifiers don’t produce as much ozone, which may be dangerous, particularly to smaller animals, they still produce some ozone. They will be less dangerous than ozone generators, but prolonged human usage and use near animals are still not advised.

Can dogs be around air purifiers?

First of all, it eliminates dangerous elements like dander that might hurt certain individuals and cause allergic responses. It also addresses the bad scents that might be found in a household with pets. The good news about air purifiers is that using them around animals is perfectly safe.

What is better HEPA or ionic?

Conclusion. Filter-free, economical, and silent, ionic air purifiers are ideal. The tiniest dust and pollution particles, as well as smells, are especially well-removed by HEPA filters. You will gain from the advantages of cleaner, fresher air in any case.

Is it safe to be in a room with an ionizer?

Despite what some marketers may say, there is no difference between the ozone created by these devices and the ozone found in the pollution outside. Ion generators and other ozone-generating air cleaners may create levels of this lung irritant that are far above those deemed unsafe for human health under certain usage circumstances.

Is ionic air purifiers bad for you?

The Quick Response. The majority of ionizers (ionic air purifiers) are absolutely safe and not harmful to your health. In order to purify the air, they release harmless negative ions into it. They are often mistaken for ozone generators, which produce dangerously high quantities of ozone.

How long does it take an air purifier to clean a room?

How long does an air purifier need to purify a space? This mostly relies on the setting of the air purifier, the state of the air in your room, and its size. Your air purifier may need 30 minutes to clear the air in a small space. It could take up to two or three hours for bigger rooms.

Should I leave my Winix air purifier on all the time?

Can I always have my air purifier on? Yes, you may and in fact, we advise doing so since your air purifier employs sophisticated sensors to regulate fan speed. Your model will automatically change the fan speed required to maintain a healthy, pleasant atmosphere when in auto mode.

How often do I need to change my Winix filter?

Genuine Winix replacement filter set for one year. The Washable True HEPA Filter should be replaced once every 12 months, and the Activated Carbon Filter should be changed once every 3 months, for optimum performance.

What is Winix sleep mode?

The fan speed is set to Low by default when the Sleep mode is used. By pushing the Fan Speed button, the device may be operated manually to modify the fan speed. The Air Quality Indicator LED light is turned off while Sleep Mode is engaged.


Plasmawave technology is a new way of heating and cooling air. It uses an electrical current to heat or cool the air in your home. The plasmawave technology is harmful if it’s not used properly.

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