What Is an Advantage to Alternative Energy Technology Brainly?

Similarly, What is an advantage to alternative energy technology?

Utilizing renewable energy has both economic and environmental advantages, such as producing electricity with no greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and reducing certain forms of air pollution. increasing energy supply diversity and decreasing reliance on foreign fuels.

Also, it is asked, What is an advantage to alternative energy technology Edgenuity?

Utilizing alternative energy sources may lessen the harm that burning fossil fuels does to the environment. What benefit does exploiting nonrenewable resources provide?

Secondly, What are the advantages and disadvantages of using renewable energy resource?

Because they emit less greenhouse gases, renewable energy sources are clean to consume. The necessary technology is sometimes costly to buy. The energy is often generated more slowly than when fossil fuels are used. The cost of renewable fuels fluctuates little since they are fueled by a reliable source of energy.

Also, What are the advantages of energy?

Among the several advantages of energy efficiency are: Environmental: Greater efficiency may reduce water consumption, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and other pollutants. Economic benefits of energy efficiency improvements include reduced utility costs, employment growth, and reduced price fluctuation of power.

People also ask, Which is an advantage of using non-renewable resources?

The availability and affordability of non-renewable energy are their key benefits. For instance, oil and diesel are still viable options for vehicle propulsion. Non-renewable energy is less expensive to produce and consume than renewable energy.

Related Questions and Answers

Why might it be advantages to use nonrenewable resources over renewable resources?

Why can using non-renewable resources over renewable ones be advantageous? a. Using nonrenewable resources may be more economical and effective than using renewable ones.

Which is a renewable resource Edgenuity?

Wind energy, solar energy, timber, and plant materials are examples of renewable resources.

Why alternative energy is important?

Reliable power sources and fuel diversity offered by renewable energy increase energy security, decrease the danger of fuel leaks, and lessen the demand for imported fuels. The nation’s natural resources are also preserved with the aid of renewable energy.

What are the advantages of using renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels?

There are zero emissions from renewable energy. Fossil fuel energy production emits a lot of greenhouse gases. The Use of Renewable Energy Reduces Carbon Footprint. Reduced Use of Renewable Energy Lowers Air Pollution. Less Water is Used by Renewable Energy. The economy benefits from renewable energy.

What is the advantage of non-conventional energy source?

The fact that non-conventional energy sources are renewable is one of its benefits. When compared to conventional energy sources, they either emit very little or no pollution. They don’t need much upkeep. They are a long-term, economical option.

What’s the advantages and disadvantages?

The distinction between a disadvantage and an advantage as nouns is that a disadvantage is a flaw or unwanted quality; a con, while an advantage is any event, opportunity, or method that is especially conducive to success or any desired aim.

Why is it important to find alternative sources of energy Brainly?

Two factors make alternative energy sources crucial: first, they supply energy without increasing the quantity of greenhouse gases (GHG) that are already building in the atmosphere; and second, traditional fuels are limited and will ultimately run out.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy?

Solar Energy: Pros and Cons Benefits of Solar Power Problems with Solar Energy lowers electricity costs Based on the weather Variety of Applications Costly Solar Energy Storage Low Costs of Maintenance takes up a lot of room Development of Technology and Pollution another row

What are tar sands and oil shale quizlet?

What are oil shale and tar sands? geologic formations that combine clay, sand, or shale with low-grade hydrocarbons. How can hydro thermal deposits come into being? When magma cools, hot, metal-rich fluids are left behind, which eventually form hydrothermal deposits.

Why are coal petroleum and natural gas considered fossil fuels?

These creatures were gradually transformed into one of the three primary fuels—oil (also known as petroleum), natural gas, or coal—over the course of millions of years by the heat and pressure of the Earth’s crust. Since they are made from the remnants of extinct animals and plants, these fuels are known as fossil fuels.

How are fossil fuels formed?

The components of fossil fuels are decaying plants and animals. These fuels may be burnt to provide energy and can be found in the crust of the Earth. Fossil fuels include, for example, coal, oil, and natural gas.

How does alternative source of energy can help in improving our future?

Natural gas, coal, and other fossil fuels have a substantially higher carbon footprint than alternative energy sources. By reducing and reversing climate change, switching to renewable energy sources will benefit the globe.

What are the advantages of conventional and non-conventional energy sources?

Cheaper and Renewable: Most non-conventional power sources are more affordable and renewable than traditional ones. 2. Lack of Fossil Fuels: Due to the general lack of and scarcity of fossil fuels, it is vital to use alternative energy sources.

What is the advantage of non-conventional power generation Mcq?

dependable and sustainable energy source.

What are examples of advantages?

Advantage is defined as something that offers a better situation, more opportunities, or a favorable result. When a football team plays a game on their home stadium, for instance, it is an advantage. giving (someone) an edge, giving them a benefit.

Are alternative energy sources effective and justified?

Renewable energy sources may successfully replace fossil fuels, resulting in significant environmental, social, and economic advantages. The harm caused by the world’s reliance on oil, natural gas, and coal is extensively established. But the move away from fossil fuels is already underway and only has to be accelerated.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy class 10?

On days with clouds or rain, it cannot be utilized. It transforms solar power into electrical energy. Benefits of solar energy Solar cells’ drawbacks include the following: High initial setup costs; renewable energy source; environmental friendliness; ease of maintenance; great application in distant areas experiencing a power outage.

Which is the most useful alternative source of energy?

Hydropower. With a worldwide installed capacity of more than 1,295 GW, hydropower is the most popular renewable energy source. It accounts for more than 18% of the world’s installed power production capacity and more than 54% of all renewable energy generation capacity.

What does alternate energy mean?

Alternative energy is defined as useful energy (such as heat or electricity) derived from renewable or environmentally friendly resources.

What are some advantages to the use of hydrokinetic energy what might be some disadvantages?

Utilizing hydrokinetic energy has a number of benefits, including the ability to operate without the need for mining resources, the absence of waste generation, and the reduction of air pollution. The fact that hydrokinetic energy depends on waves and tides as an energy source is its biggest drawback.


The “alternative energy sources come from renewable processes.” is a common misconception. Alternative energy technology, such as solar and wind power, are not renewable.

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