What Are Two Characteristics of the Stackwise Technology (Choose Two)?

What are two distinguishing features of the StackWise technology? (Select two.) Up to 12 switches may be controlled as a single unit in the stack. An EtherChannel connection may be made using several switches. The StackWise technology establishes a virtual link between the devices, eliminating the need for extra wiring.

Similarly, What is a characteristic of Cisco StackWise technology?

Cisco’s StackWise technology connects numerous switches to form a single switching unit. StackWise logically combines many fixed-configuration switches into a single stack. Voice, video, and Gigabit Ethernet applications are all supported by the technology.

Also, it is asked, What is Cisco StackWise technology?

Cisco’s StackWise technology is a revolutionary new approach to combining the capabilities of a stack of switches. Individual switches intelligently combine to form a single switching unit with a 32-gigabit per second switching backplane.

Secondly, What is the benefit of StackWise virtual?

What Are the Advantages? It’s straightforward: Two Cisco Catalyst switches can be virtualized into a single logical switch using the StackWise cables. It’s adaptable: The completely distributed design improves user experience by increasing network capacity.

Also, How does StackWise virtual work?

StackWise virtual is a virtual switch that merges two physical switches into a single logical switch. It makes use of NSF and SSO technologies to provide seamless traffic failover in the event that one of the switches fails. It appears as a single logical switch to devices connected to a single StackWise Virtual domain.

People also ask, What is the maximum number of switches that can be stacked using Cisco StackWise?

Related Questions and Answers

What is StackWise virtual dual active detection?

When a Cisco StackWise Virtual Active Switch detects a dual-active scenario, it turns off all non-SVL interfaces and exits the network.

How many StackWise cables do I need?

RE: How many stack wires do you need for two switches? All you need is one to start building a stack. This will create a daisy chain stacking topology for the stack.

What is Cisco VSL?

VSL is used to transport proprietary encapsulated frames as well as control plane messages to create a single device. One supervisor, the active one, manages both chassis, while the second supervisor acts as a hot standby.

How many switches can be in StackWise virtual?

The StackWise Virtual functionality lets you manage two Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches as if they were one.

What is redundancy force switchover?

To manually switch to the redundant switch, use the redundancy force-switchover command. The redundant switch is replaced as the active switch, running the Cisco IOS image, and the modules are reset to their default defaults. The previous active switch enters the stack after rebooting with the new image.

Does Cisco Catalyst 9300 support StackWise virtual?

StackWise-480 is supported by the Catalyst 9300. The Catalyst 9400 and Catalyst 9500, on the other hand, do not support Stack-Wise. The Catalyst 9400 chassis Stackwise-virtual (which provides the same functionality as VSS) is presently slated for release 16.9 with a single supervisor.

Does Cisco 9500 support VSS?

Virtual Stacking, sometimes known as VSS, is supported by the 9500 series.

What is multi chassis EtherChannel?

Multichassis EtherChannel (MEC) is a multipathing technique at the Layer 2 level. This kind of EtherChannel enables a connected node to terminate an EtherChannel across the VSS’s two physical Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches, resulting in a simplified loop-free Layer 2 architecture.

Can you stack 9200 and 9200L?

The use of mixed stacking is not permitted. Fixed (Catalyst 9200L) and modular (Catalyst 9200) variants, as well as other Catalyst switches, such as the Cisco Catalyst 2960-X and 2960-XR Series, cannot be stacked.

How many Cisco 9200 switches can you stack?

stacked eight

Do stacked switches share power?

StackPower, which enables power supply to distribute load across numerous systems in a stack, is also supported by the stacking switch.

How do I uninstall StackWise virtual?

Use the stackwise-virtual command in global configuration mode to activate Cisco StackWise Virtual on a switch. Use the no form of this command to deactivate Cisco StackWise Virtual.

What is VSS in Cisco switch?

The Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Virtual Switching System (VSS) enables two or more physical chassis to be clustered together to form a single, logical entity. This technology improves network architecture in every way, including high availability, scalability, administration, and maintenance.

How do I connect two Cisco switches in stack?

Configuration of the Cisco 3750 Stack To match the remainder of the switch stack, upgrade or downgrade the software on the replacement switch. Change the number of the replacement switch to 1. Change the priority of the switch. Disconnect the failing master switch and turn off the whole stack. Connect the new master switch to the stack and turn it on.

How do you identify a master switch in a stack?

To discover which member switch is the master switch once a stack has been set up, look for indications on member switches or use instructions. The master switch is identified by a constant green STAT indication on the switch.

What are two advantages of EtherChannel choose two?

What are two of EtherChannel’s advantages? (Select two.) The EtherChannel interface is used to ensure that the physical connections are configured consistently. Between connections configured as various EtherChannels, load balancing happens. EtherChannel provides higher bandwidth by using enhanced physical connectivity.

What is Cisco dual active detection?

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) J. There are no comments. --> A Virtual Switching System is created by connecting two switches from the 4500 or 6500 series with a VSL (virtual switch link). —> In VSS, one switch serves as the active switch, while the other serves as the standby switch.

What is MEC Cisco?

Layer 2 multipathing technique known as Multichassis EtherChannel (MEC). This kind of EtherChannel enables a connected node to terminate an EtherChannel across the VSS’s two physical Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches, resulting in a simplified loop-free Layer 2 architecture.

What is the difference between vPC and VSS?

2) In VSS, there will be a single control plane for both switches, but in vPC, each switch would have its own control plane. 3) Although VSS can handle L3 port-channels across many chassis, vpc is only utilized for L2 port-channels.

How do I remove a provisioned switch from stack?

When you remove a provided switch from a switch stack, the configuration associated with that stack member remains provisioned in the operating configuration. Use the no switch stack-member-number provision global configuration command to totally erase the setting.

What is virtual switch stacking?

Virtual stack is a technique that allows for the control of up to 10,000 switch ports from a single location. Virtually stacked switches, unlike typical physical stacks, do not need a physical connection.

What is redundancy mode?

By delivering all of your data through both cellular and Wi-Fi networks, Redundant Mode provides you super-reliable internet. It consumes a lot of data and drains the battery quickly, thus it’s not advised for everyday use.

How many Cisco 9300 switches can you stack?

a total of eight


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